Rowdy was Junior’s best friend. They had been friends since they were babies. They were born on the same day, but while Junior was shy and didn’t make much noise, Rowdy was quite the opposite, a riot with limbs flailing everywhere. He was born into an Indian family, but he and his mother were almost always unhappy because of one person: Rowdy’s father. He was a violent alcoholic who regularly hurt both his wife and his son. This violent personality was passed on to Rowdy who would get into fights with everybody He would fight boys and girls, men and women, stray dogs, and even the weather. He would throw “wild punches at rain”. IN some ways, he is like Junior’s bodyguard. He protects him from anyone who might threaten to hurt him. He also has a very short temper. If someone laughs at him, he would beat them to a pulp. Once, Junior did that, and Rowdy was very close to beating him up. But he couldn’t. They have a very special connection. Sometimes Junior says that he loves Rowdy.

When Junior tells Rowdy that he his changing schools to go to Reardan, Rowdy is furious. He yelled at him that he hated him and that he was a “white lover”, and punched Junior three times just for putting his hand on his shoulder.

The next major event involving Rowdy is during the basketball game between Wellpinit and Reardan. Rowdy is still furious with Junior, and during the game he purposefully knocked Arnold out, and gave him a mild concussion. Rowdy was unforgiving. Reardan was destroyed by Wellpinit, a team that had strangely gone from bottom of the league to the top of the league in one season. But, a while after, they play again but they play on home ground. Rowdy goes for a slam dunk for the first points. Junior stopped the slam dunk in mid air and shoots a 3 pointer after getting the ball. Rowdy was absolutely furious after that. But, the Reardan won in the end. They won by 40 points.

At the funeral of Junior’s sister’s funeral, Junior runs off into the bushes. There he finds Rowdy, sitting there, with tears in his eyes. He denies that he was crying and attempts to punch Junior in anger of him even being suspicious of that, but misses. Junior is stunned. But, they put their differences aside and play a game of basketball. They didn’t keep score.


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